Domus Naturalis

About us

Mission Statement

Domus Naturalis is building a future.
We aim to provide affordable housing and geodesic structures based on the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller.
We will build geodesic domes to help house individuals, groups and communities wanting an exciting, ecological, versatile space that lasts.


Domus Naturalis wants to change the way we live and communicate, work and play. 

Our vision is to provide new and exciting spaces thinking, quite literally, outside the box.
The company is not only a mechanism to achieve its goals, it also has a heart.
Domus Naturalis cares about inclusion.
Building a better future will require us to include those caught in the margins of life.


After spending many years separately in the fields of construction, production, media and communications, the Domus Naturalis team came together organically through a series of long-lasting friendships and partnerships with like-minded people.